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4. Applying the Principles of Navy SEAL Training to the Business Arena With Jeff Byers

NOTE: This episode may contain explicit language. Be advised.

The Special Ops that Navy SEALs perform are short and intense, with little room for error. Can their principles be applied to the business world?

Jeff Byers, the co-founder of OP2 Labs and former US Navy SEAL, says yes.

In this episode, Chuck Hollander talks to Jeff to discuss his transition from his role in the Navy to now managing his own company. Jeff shares how he found success in his business using his experience as a former SEAL, the mistakes he made while starting out, and ways he overcame them.

Jeff discusses:

  • The importance of clearly defining your desired outcomes
  • How frequent debriefings keep you from repeating your mistakes and encourage accountability
  • The competitive mindset that motivates every member to strive for excellence
  • The key to hiring the right team using your limited resources
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Jeff Byers is an experienced executive who enlisted in the Navy and attended BUD/s training at age 19. He successfully completed training when he was only 20, and became a Navy SEAL stationed at SEAL Team One. His experience comes from managing teams in some of the most austere environments around the world. Jeff spent five years at SEAL Team One before leaving the military and co-founding OP2 Labs, which produces collagen protein products that are trusted by over 4,000 medical facilities and thousands of athletes around the world.

3. Reasons to Shift Your Sales From Product-Centric to Client-Centric With Ron Rubin

Selling any product or service becomes a lot easier when you’re able to show your clients that you care about them and you’re there to help them.

In this episode, join Chuck Hollander and Ron Rubin, CEO of RFG Wealth Management, as they share valuable tips to help you improve your approach to sales. Ron is here to share proven sales strategies that can help you better connect with prospects –– strategies which have made him one of the top sales professionals in the life insurance landscape.

Ron discusses:

  • The biggest misconception that holds several sales professionals back
  • How being process-driven takes your sales from good to great
  • The importance of connecting with and learning from industry experts
  • 3 key steps that he implements at every sales meeting
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

As CEO of RFG Wealth Management, Ron Rubin, CLU, ChFC, focuses on working with ultra-affluent families developing sophisticated life insurance solutions to use in business succession and wealth transfer matters. Since 1992, he has established close relationships with trust and estate lawyers, accounting firms, and business management firms. Ron has worked with wealthy individuals, executives, entertainers, professional athletes and affluent families for over 20 years.